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Jenny is currently a PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin. She studies the ecology and physiology of irish elasmobranchs. Her current work focuses on the variation among and within individuals of trophic niches using modelling, biochemical and hormonal analyses and biologging. Her broad interests are understanding the impact human activities have had, are having and will have on these species, the knock-on effect this may have on human populations and how to mitigate them.


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A professional headshot of Jenny. The background is blurry, Jenny stands side-on and wears a blue sleeveless top, a silver necklace and teal earrings.
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Jenny’s passion for the ocean started on the shores of Brittany, where she grew up. She spent her summers bent over rock pools, investigating every creature she could find. She was also greatly influenced by her family’s whale-watching trip in Canada and numerous wildlife documentaries. It was one of the latter, Sharkwater by Rob Stewart, that ignited her fascination for sharks and led her to pursue a career in marine biology with a focus on elasmobranch ecology. She left France for her maternal home and headed to Southampton to study for her undergraduate degree. After two years out and a Masters degree in Plymouth, she is now a PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Dr Andrew Jackson, Dr Nicholas Payne and Dr Ian Donohue. Click here to find out more.

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